“They” Are Coming After You Next

For almost 20 years, my wife and I have both been employed in professions that require state sanctioned professional licensing.  Are we doctors?  No.  Airline pilots?  No.  Builders of nuclear power plants?  No.  Nothing so exotic or, presumably, “dangerous”.  But, as it happens, that hardly matters.  Here in Washington, and probably in your state as well, the government exerts an unbelievable range of control over our working lives.  This is clearly evident in the list of state licences required here in Washington (included at the end of this post).

Being a “reasonable” person, I’m sure that you’ll find some that you believe “should” be regulated by the state.  Some, frankly, I’ve never even heard of, let alone had reason to wake from a nightmare with the thought: “thank God The State is watching those jokers”.   In 1992, despite the fact that there were already credible and appropriate private sector certifications in widespread use, the state came after my profession.  Apparently, I too was one of “those jokers”.

As important as “our working lives” might be, unfortunately, these state-level regulations are merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to the presumed unsinkable notion of American Liberty.  By any metric you care to use, American Liberty has been listing and riding ever lower in the water in virtually each and every year that has passed since 1776. 

Appallingly, it would appear that no one really even knows just how many federal laws we actually have on the books right now.  In 2008, however, nearly 80,000 pages were added to the Federal Register, some 26,000 of which were devoted to nearly 4,000 “final rules”.  After dropping from this record high to slightly less than 70,000 pages and roughly 3,500 new regulations last year, 2010 appears to be trending to new record levels.  All in all, the Competitive Enterprise Institute estimates that more than 60,000 regulations have been instituted since 1995.  There is no sign that this process will ever slow down.

(By the way, just for the fun of it, check out this site to get an idea of just how stupid many – if not most – laws tend to be.)

For those inclined to believe that religious legalism “goes too far”, we might note that the Jewish Torah only lists 613 unique laws, of which at least 465 are now superseded by US law.   We might also keep in mind the Christian belief that those 613 laws (inclusive of the nominally libertarian 10 Commandments) were, in large part, intended to demonstrate the sheer impossibility of man’s attempt to please God through obsessive compulsive legal obedience.  No, we’re to understand, some rather large measure of Grace is going to be needed to spare us from God’s judgement.

And that, I suppose, is what I really might hope for in this more worldly realm:  a little bit of grace. 

The following is a well-known statement attributed to Martin Niemöller (1892-1984), an ardent nationalist and prominent Protestant pastor who emerged as an outspoken public foe of Adolf Hitler.  Niemöller spent the last 7 years of Nazi rule in concentration camps for his troubles.  Among his crimes, this observation:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out —
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out —
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out —
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me.

Today, of course,  you might substitute on that list virtually any category of human ethnicity, religious or political persuasion, profession or trade, economic class, hobby or pastime.  Somebody, somewhere, wants to control it, tax it, deport it, eliminate it.

It is sadly ironic that we, who live in a country that was specifically designed to protect minorities (of any stripe) from the abusive power of the majority, now find ourselves in this predicament.   Not altogether surprising, we find that this comes about whenever we, through our either our silence or our activism, allow ourselves to become a part of the amorphous, toxic “they” to which Niemöller was referring.

The only occasionally conservative Republican Party is frequently characterized as “the party of NO”.  I wish to God that were really true, since they’ve been nearly as bad as the alternative party of YES.  Most conservatives, especially the libertarian sorts, want, in their heart of hearts, to be merely left alone.  Happily, they want you to be left alone too.  And that, I’m afraid, is as close to grace as we might hope on this planet.  Give a little, get a lot.

Live and Let Live.  Live Free or Die.  Mind your own business.  However you might phrase it, the principle is more-or-less the same.  Keep you hand out of your neighbor’s pocket and don’t worry so much about his apparent stupidity.  Worry more about the log in your own eye.  If you don’t, after all, “they” will come for you, assuming “they” haven’t already done so.  

Harry Tuttle 

See the list Washington State Licences  >>>>>>>>>

Professional Licences:

Appraisal management companies




Bail bonds

Body piercing and body art


Camping resorts

Collection agencies


Court reporters

Driver training

Employment agencies



Funeral and cemeteries


Home inspectors

Land surveyors

Landscape architects


Martial arts

Notaries public

On-site designers

Private investigators

Real estate

Security guards

Sellers of travel



Vehicle and vessel dealers

Vehicle manufacturers

Vehicle transport and disposal

Vehicles for hire (includes taxis)


Other State Licenced Activities:

Accountants – (Board of Accountancy)

Acupuncturists – (Department of Health)

Adjusters (Insurance) – (Office of the Insurance Commissioner)

Administrators (Electrical) – (Department of Labor and Industries)

Administrators (Telecommunications) – (Department of Labor and Industries)

Adult Family Homes – (Department of Social and Health Services)

Adult Residential Rehabilitation Facilities – (Department of Health)

Adult Treatment Homes (Private) – (Department of Health)

Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners – (Department of Health)

Agents (Insurance) – (Office of the Insurance Commissioner)

Agents (Real Estate) – (Department of Licensing)

Agents (Travel) – (Department of Licensing)

Agricultural Engineers – (Department of Licensing)

Aid Services and Vehicles – (Department of Health)

Aircraft Fuel Distributors – (Department of Licensing)

Alcohol – (Liquor Control Board)

Alcohol Treatment Facilities – (Department of Health)

Alcoholism Hospital & Alcoholism Treatment Facilties – (Department of Health)

Ambulance Services and Vehicles – (Department of Health)

Ambulatory Surgical Centers – (Department of Health)

Amusement Ride Inspectors – (Department of Labor and Industries)

Animal Massage – (Department of Health)

Announcers (Professional Athletics) – (Department of Licensing)

Appraisal management companies – (Department of Licensing)

Appraisers – (Department of Licensing)

Apprenticeships (Skilled Trades) – (Department of Labor and Industries)

Architects – (Department of Licensing)

Asbestos Removal – (Department of Labor and Industries)

Athletics (Professional) – (Department of Licensing)

Attorneys – (WA State Bar Association)

Auctioneers – (Department of Licensing)

Audiologists – (Department of Health)

Auto Dealers – (Department of Licensing)

Automobiles – (Department of Licensing)

Bail Bonds – (Department of Licensing)

Barbers/Barber Shops – (Department of Licensing)

Beauty Salons – (Department of Licensing)

Bed and Breakfast Facilities – (Department of Health)

Births – (Department of Health)

Blind Schools – (Department of Health)

Blood Banks – (Department of Health)

Boats – (Department of Licensing)

Body Art Artists – (Department of Licensing)

Body Piercing Artists – (Department of Licensing)

Bonds (Bail) – (Department of Licensing)

Boxers (Professional Athletics) – (Department of Licensing)

Brokers (Insurance) – (Office of the Insurance Commissioner)

Bulk Commercial Fertilizer Distributors – (Department of Agriculture)

Bus Drivers – (Department of Licensing)

MLS License Fee Sheet – (Department of Licensing)

Master Business Application – (Department of Licensing)

Corporation/LLC Renewal – (Department of Licensing)

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) – (Department of Licensing)

Cabs – (Department of Licensing)

Camping Resorts – (Department of Licensing)

Car Dealers – (Department of Licensing)

Career Schools, Private – (Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board)

Cars – (Department of Licensing)

Cars (Rental) – (Department of Licensing)

CDL (Clandestine Drug Lab) Worker, Supervisors and Contractors – (Department of Health)

Cemeteries – (Department of Licensing)

Certified Public Accountants – (Board of Accountancy)

Charter Vessels – (Department of Labor and Industries)

Check Cashers & Sellers – (Department of Financial Institutions)

Chemical Engineers – (Department of Licensing)

Child and Youth Rehabilitation Facilities – (Department of Health)

Childbirth Centers – (Department of Health)

Child Care Homes & Centers – (Department of Early Learning)

Child Day Care Centers – (Department of Early Learning)

Chiropractors – (Department of Health)

Cigarette Retailers – (Department of Licensing)

Cigarette Vending Machines – (Department of Licensing)

Cigarette Wholesalers – (Department of Licensing)

Civil Engineers – (Department of Licensing)

Collection Agencies – (Department of Licensing)

Commercial Drivers – (Department of Licensing)

Commercial Feed License – (Department of Agriculture)

Commercial Fertilizer Product Registration – (Department of Agriculture)

Commercial Telephone Solicitors – (Department of Licensing)

Community Colleges (Food Services) – (Department of Health)

Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facilities – (Department of Health)

Concealed Pistols – (Department of Licensing)

Consumer Loan Companies – (Department of Financial Institutions)

Contractors – (Department of Labor and Industries)

Contractors (Electrical) – (Department of Labor and Industries)

Contractors (Elevator) – (Department of Labor and Industries)

Contractors (Farm labor) – (Department of Labor and Industries)

Contractors (Plumbing) – (Department of Labor and Industries)

Contractors (Pump Installer) – (Department of Labor and Industries)

Contractors (Telecommunications) – (Department of Labor and Industries)

Control Systems Engineers – (Department of Licensing)

Corporation/LLC Renewals – (Department of Licensing)

Cosmetologists – (Department of Licensing)

Counselors – (Department of Health)

Court Reporters – (Department of Licensing)

Crematories – (Department of Licensing)

Crisis Shelters – (Department of Health)

Day Care – (Department of Early Learning)

Day Treatment Facilities (Alcoholism Hospital & Alcoholism Treatment Facilties) – (Department of Health)

Deaf Schools – (Department of Health)

Dealers (Firearms) – (Department of Licensing)

Dealers (Off-Road Vehicles) – (Department of Licensing)

Dealers (Snowmobiles) – (Department of Licensing)

Dealers (Vehicles) – (Department of Licensing)

Dealers (Vessels) – (Department of Licensing)

Dental Hygienists – (Department of Health)

Dentists – (Department of Health)

Denturists – (Department of Health)

Dialysis Centers – (Department of Health)

Dietitians – (Department of Health)

Disabled Parking Privileges – (Department of Licensing)

Dispensing Opticians – (Department of Health)

Distributors (Aircraft Fuel) – (Department of Licensing)

Divorces – (Department of Health)

Doctors – (Department of Health)

Domestic Violence Shelters – (Department of Health)

Driver Training Schools -(Department of Licensing)

Driver Training School Instructors – (Department of Licensing)

Drivers – (Department of Licensing)

Drivers, Enhanced – (Department of Licensing)

Egg Handler/Dealers – (Department of Licensing)

Electrical Contractors – (Department of Labor and Industries)

Electrical Administrators – (Department of Labor and Industries)

Electrical Engineers – (Department of Licensing)

Electrical Trainees – (Department of Labor and Industries)

Electricians – (Department of Labor and Industries)

Elevator Contractors – (Department of Labor and Industries)

Elevator Mechanics – (Department of Labor and Industries)

Embalmers – (Department of Licensing)

Emergency Medical Service Evaluators – (Department of Health)

Emergency Medical Services Personnel – (Department of Health)

Emergency Medical Services Training Courses – (Department of Health)

Emergency Medical Technicians – (Department of Health)

Emissions (Vehicle) – (Department of Ecology)

Employment Agencies – (Department of Licensing)

Employment Directory Services – (Department of Licensing)

EMT – Intermediate Level Personnel – (Department of Health)

End Stage Renal Disease Centers – (Department of Health)

Engineers – (Department of Licensing)

Enhanced Driver License/ID Card (EDL/EID) – (Department of Licensing)

Environmental Engineers – (Department of Licensing)

Escrow Agents & Officers – (Department of Financial Institutions)

Estheticians – (Department of Licensing)

Explosives – (Department of Labor and Industries)

Eye Banks – (Department of Health)

Family Homes (Adult) – (Department of Health)

Family Therapists – (Department of Health)

Farm Labor Contractors – (Department of Labor and Industries)

Farm Worker Housing – (Department of Health)

Feed License (Commercial) – (Department of Agriculture)

Ferries (Food Services) – (Department of Health)

Fertilizer Distribution License (Commercial) – Bulk – (Department of Agriculture)

Fertilizer Product Registration – Commercial – (Department of Agriculture)

Financial Planners – (Department of Financial Institutions)

Firearms – (Department of Licensing)

Firearm Dealers – (Department of Licensing)

Fire Protection Engineers – (Department of Licensing)

Fire Sprinkler Licensing – (Washington State Patrol)

Fireworks Licensing – (Washington State Patrol)

First responders – (Department of Health)

Fish Buyers – (Department of Fish and Wildlife)

Fish Dealers (Wholesale) – (Department of Fish and Wildlife)

Fishing Charters – (Department of Fish and Wildlife)

Fishing Guides – (Department of Fish and Wildlife)

Fishing (Commercial) – (Department of Fish and Wildlife)

Fishing (Recreational) – (Department of Fish and Wildlife)

Food Services (Community Colleges, Ferries, Misc. State Facilities) – (Department of Health)

For Hire Vehicles – (Department of Licensing)

Fuel Distributors (Aircraft) – (Department of Licensing)

Funeral Directors – (Department of Licensing)

Funeral Homes – (Department of Licensing)

Fur Dealers – (Department of Fish and Wildlife)

Gambling Licenses – (Gambling Commission)

Game Farms – (Department of Fish and Wildlife)

Geologists – (Department of Licensing)

Guards (Security) – (Department of Licensing)

Hair Salons – (Department of Licensing)

Health Care Assistants – (Department of Health)

Hearing and Speech – (Department of Health)

Home Care Agencies – (Department of Health)

Home Inspectors – (Department of Licensing)

Homeless Shelters – (Department of Health)

Hospice Agencies – (Department of Health)

Hospice Care Centers – (Department of Health)

Hospitals (Acute, Alcoholism/Drug, & Psychiatric) – (Department of Health)

Hostels – (Department of Health)

Hotels – (Department of Health)

Hulk Haulers – (Department of Licensing)

Hunting (Recreational) – (Department of Fish and Wildlife)

Hygienists (Dental) – (Department of Health)

Hypnotherapists – (Department of Health)

Identification (ID) Cards – (Department of Licensing)

IFTA – (Department of Licensing)

Independent Review Organizations (for health insurance appeals) – (Department of Health)

Industrial Engineers – (Department of Licensing)

Industrial Insurance – (Department of Licensing)

Inns – (Department of Health)

Inspectors of Solid Waste Incinerators and Landfill Facilities – (Department of Ecology)

Instruction Permits (Commercial Drivers) – (Department of Licensing)

Instruction Permits (Drivers) – (Department of Licensing)

Instructors (Cosmetology) – (Department of Licensing)

Inspectors (Professional Athletics) – (Department of Licensing)

Insurance Adjusters – (Office of the Insurance Commissioner)

Insurance Licenses – (Office of the Insurance Commissioner)

International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) – (Department of Licensing)

Interpreters (Medical) – (Department of Social and Health Services)

Investigators (Private) – (Department of Licensing)

Investment Advisers – (Department of Financial Institutions)

Judges (Professional Athletics) – (Department of Licensing)

Juvenile Detention Centers, Home & Institutions – (Department of Health)

Kick Boxers (Professional Athletics) – (Department of Licensing)

Kidney Dialysis Centers – (Department of Health)

Labor Camps – (Department of Health)

Laboratory Accreditation – (Department of Ecology)

Laboratories (Medical Test Sites) – (Department of Health)

Landscape Architects – (Department of Licensing)

Land Surveyors – (Department of Licensing)

Lawyers – (Washington State Bar Association)

Licensed Practical Nurses – (Department of Health)

Life Settlements Brokers (Insurance) – (Office of the Insurance Commissioner)

Limited Liability Company Renewals – (Department of Licensing)

Limousines – (Department of Licensing)

Liquor – (Liquor Control Board)

Loan Companies (Consumer) – (Department of Financial Institutions)

Loan Modification Services – (Department of Financial Institutions)

Loan Originators – (Department of Financial Institutions)

Lottery Retailers – (Department of Licensing)

Managers (Professional Athletics) – (Department of Licensing)

Manicurists – (Department of Licensing)

Manufactured/Mobile Home Communitites – (Department of Licensing)

Manufacturing Engineers – (Department of Licensing)

Maritime Cranes – (Department of Labor and Industries)

Marriages – (Department of Health)

Marriage Therapists – (Department of Health)

Massachusetts Trust Renewals – (Department of Licensing)

Massage Practitioners – (Department of Health)

Master Business License – (Department of Licensing)

Matchmakers (Professional Athletics) – (Department of Licensing)

Mechanics (Elevator) – (Department of Labor and Industries)

Mechanical Engineers – (Department of Licensing)

Medical Interpreters – (Department of Social and Health Services)

Medical Quality Assurance Commission – (Department of Health)

Medical Test Sites – (Department of Health)

Medicare Certified Facilities & Services – (Department of Health)

Mental Health Counselors – (Department of Health)

Mental Health Facilities (Adult Residential) – (Department of Health)

Mental Hospitals (Eastern and Western State) – (Department of Health)

Metallurgical Engineers – (Department of Licensing)

Midwives – (Department of Health)

Migrant Worker Labor Camps – (Department of Health)

Mining Engineers – (Department of Licensing)

Minor Work Permits – (Department of Licensing)

Miscellaneous State Facilities (Food Services) – (Department of Health)

Mobile Operators (Cosmetology) – (Department of Licensing)

Mortgage Brokers – (Department of Financial Institutions)

Morticians – (Department of Licensing)

Motels – (Department of Health)

Motorcycles – (Department of Licensing)

Motor Fuel Distributors – (Department of Licensing)

Motor Vehicles – (Department of Licensing)

Nail Salons – (Department of Licensing)

Naturopathic Physicians – (Department of Health)

Notaries Public – (Department of Licensing)

Nuclear Engineers – (Department of Licensing)

Nursery Retailer/Wholesaler – (Department of Licensing)

Nurses – (Department of Health)

Nursing Assistants – (Department of Health)

Nursing Home Administrators – (Department of Health)

Nursing Pools – (Department of Health)

Nutritionists – (Department of Health)

Occupational Therapists – (Department of Health)

Occupational Therapy Facilities – (Department of Health)

Ocularists – (Department of Health)

Off-Road Vehicle Dealers – (Department of Licensing)

On-site Designers – (Department of Licensing)

On-site Inspectors – (Department of Licensing)

Operators of Solid Waste Incinerators and Landfill Facilities – (Department of Ecology)

Opticians – (Department of Health)

Optometrists – (Department of Health)

Orthopedics – (Department of Health)

Orthotists – (Department of Health)

Osteopathic Physicians – (Department of Health)

Osteopathic Physician Assistants – (Department of Health)

Outpatient Rehabilitation Facilities – (Department of Health)

Paramedics – (Department of Health)

Parking Privileges (Disabled) – (Department of Licensing)

Permanent Cosmetics Artists – (Department of Licensing

Pest Inspectors – (Department of Agriculture)

Pesticide Dealers – (Department of Licensing)

Pesticides – Commercial Applicator License – (Department of Agriculture)

Pesticides – Commercial Operator License – (Department of Agriculture)

Pesticides – Private Applicator License – (Department of Agriculture)

Pesticides – Private Commercial Applicator License – (Department of Agriculture)

Pesticides – Public Operator License – (Department of Agriculture)

Pet Food Registration – (Department of Agriculture)

Petroleum Engineers – (Department of Licensing)

Pharmacists – (Department of Health)

Pharmacist Assistants – (Department of Health)

Physical Therapists – (Department of Health)

Physical Therapy Facilities – (Department of Health)

Physicians – (Department of Health)

Physicians (Naturopathic) – (Department of Health)

Physicians (Osteopathic) – (Department of Health)

Physicians (Podiatric) – (Department of Health)

Physicians (Professional Athletics) – (Department of Licensing)

Physician Assistants – (Department of Health)

Physician Assistants (Osteopathic) – (Department of Health)

Physicians Office Laboratory – (Department of Health)

Piercing Artists (Body) – (Department of Licensing)

Plumbers – (Department of Labor and Industries)

Plumbing Contractors – (Department of Labor and Industries)

Podiatric Physicians – (Department of Health)

Practical Nurses – (Department of Health)

Prisons (State Department of Corrections) – (Department of Health)

Private Adult Treatment Homes – (Department of Health)

Private Career Schools – (Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board)

Private Investigators – (Department of Licensing)

Promoters (Professional Athletics) – (Department of Licensing)

Prosthetists – (Department of Health)

Psychiatric Hospitals (Private) – (Department of Health)

Psychologists – (Department of Health)

Pump Installers – (Department of Labor and Industries)

Pump Installer Contractors – (Department of Labor and Industries)

Radioactive Materials – (Department of Health)

Radiological Technologists – (Department of Health)

Real Estate – (Department of Licensing)

Real Estate Appraisers – (Department of Licensing)

Real Estate Brokers – (Department of Licensing)

Real Estate Educators – (Department of Licensing)

Real Estate Firms – (Department of Licensing)

Referees (Professional Athletics) – (Department of Licensing)

Registered Counselors – (Department of Health)

Registered Nurses – (Department of Health)

Registered Nurse Practitioners (Advanced) – (Department of Health)

Rehabilitation Centers – (Department of Health)

Rehabilitation Facilities (Outpatient) – (Department of Health)

Rental Cars – (Department of Licensing)

Reporters (Court) – (Department of Licensing)

Residential Treatment Facilities – (Department of Health)

Resorts – (Department of Health)

Respiratory Therapists – (Department of Health)

River Outfitters – (Department of Licensing)

Rural Health Care Facilities and Clinics – (Department of Health)

School Bus Drivers – (Department of Licensing)

Schools of Cosmetology – (Department of Licensing)

Schools for Deaf and Blind – (Department of Health)

Scrap Processors (Vehicles) – (Department of Licensing)

Seconds (Professional Athletics) – (Department of Licensing)

Securities Brokers – (Department of Financial Institutions)

Security Guards – (Department of Licensing)

Seed Dealers – (Department of Licensing)

Sellers of Travel – (Department of Licensing)

Senior EMS Instructors – (Department of Health)

Sewage Systems (Large Onsite) – (Department of Health)

Sex Offender Treatment Providers – (Department of Health)

Shellfish Harvest (Commercial) – (Department of Health)

Shellfish (Commercial) – (Department of Health)

Shelters (Crisis, Homeless, Youth, Domestic violence) – (Department of Health)

Ship Design Engineers – (Department of Licensing)

Shopkeepers – (Department of Licensing)

Shops, Mobile Units, and Event Locations (Tattoo, Body Piercing, and Body Art) – (Department of Licensing)

Snowmobile Dealers – (Department of Licensing)

Social Workers – (Department of Health)

Soldiers’ Homes – (Department of Health)

Special Fuel Dealers – (Department of Licensing)

Special Fuel Bulk Users – (Department of Licensing)

Speech and Hearing – (Department of Health)

State Mental Hospitals (Eastern and Western State) – (Department of Health)

Stockbrokers – (Department of Financial Institutions)

Structural Engineers – (Department of Licensing)

Surgical Centers (Ambulatory) – (Department of Health)

Surgical Technologists – (Department of Health)

Surplus Line Brokers (Insurance) – (Office of the Insurance Commissioner)

Surveyors – (Department of Licensing)

Talkie-Tooters (Logging Radios) – (Department of Labor and Industries)

Tattoo Artists – (Department of Licensing)

Tattoo, Body Piercing, and Body Art Shops, Mobile Units, and Event Locations – (Department of Licensing)

Tax Registration – (Department of Licensing)

Taxis – (Department of Licensing)

Taxidermy – (Department of Fish and Wildlife)

Telephone Solicitors – (Department of Licensing)

Telecommunications Administrators – (Department of Labor and Industries)

Telecommunications Contractors – (Department of Labor and Industries)

Temporary Worker Housing – (Department of Health)

Tenant Support Programs (Developmentally Disabled) – (Department of Health)

Therapists (Marriage and Family) – (Department of Health)

Therapists (Massage) – (Department of Health)

Therapists (Occupational) – (Department of Health)

Therapists (Physical) – (Department of Health)

Therapists (Respiratory) – (Department of Health)

Third Party Administrator—TPA Registration (Washington Vaccine Association) – (Department of Licensing)

Timekeepers (Professional Athletics) – (Department of Licensing)

Timeshares – (Department of Licensing)

Tobacco Product Retailers – (Department of Licensing)

Tobacco Product Distributors – (Department of Licensing)

Tow Trucks – (Department of Licensing)

Trade Name Registration – (Department of Licensing)

Trainees (Electrical) – (Department of Labor and Industries)

Transient Accommodations – (Department of Health)

Transporters (Vehicles) – (Department of Licensing)

Trappers – (Department of Fish and Wildlife)

Trauma Service Designation – (Department of Licensing)

Travel Agents – (Department of Licensing)

Treatment Facilities (Alcohol) – (Department of Health)

Truck Drivers – (Department of Licensing)

Underground Storage Tanks – (Department of Licensing)

Unemployment Insurance – (Department of Licensing)

Used Vehicle Battery Collectors – (Department of Licensing)

Vehicles – (Department of Licensing)

Vehicle Dealers – (Department of Licensing)

Vehicles For Hire – (Department of Licensing)

Vehicle Manufacturers – (Department of Licensing)

Vehicle Transporters – (Department of Licensing)

Vehicle Wreckers – (Department of Licensing)

Vessels – (Department of Licensing)

Vessel Dealers – (Department of Licensing)

Veterans’ Homes – (Department of Health)

Veterinarians – (Department of Health)

Veterinarian Technicians – (Department of Health)

Waste Tire Carriers – (Department of Licensing)

Waste Tire Storage Site Owners – (Department of Licensing)

Wastewater Plant Operators – (Department of Ecology)

Water Systems (Public) – Group A – (Department of Health)

Water Works Operators – (Department of Health)

Weighing and Measuring Devices – (Department of Licensing)

Well Construction and Operators – (Department of Ecology)

Well Drillers – (Department of Labor and Industries)

Whitewater River Outfitters – (Department of Licensing)

Work Training Release Centers – (Department of Health)

Wreckers (Vehicles) – (Department of Licensing)

Wrestlers (Professional Athletics) – (Department of Licensing)

X-Ray Facilities – (Department of Licensing)

X-Ray Machines – (Department of Licensing)

X-Ray Technicians – (Department of Health)

Youth Shelters – (Department of Health)


2 responses to ““They” Are Coming After You Next

  1. We are fast approaching the stage of ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission.


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