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Celebrating Radicalism

A good friend has recently graduated from, arguably, one of the most left-wing institutions in the country, Evergreen State College in Olympia Washington.  While this school clearly provides a number of unique educational opportunities, it seems that its real mission is to promote left-wing radicalism.

Aside from “classes” that actually teach the principles of community organizing and other forms of activism, there is a clear focus on progressive topics such as “social justice”, history deconstruction, power politics, enviro-politics, racial politics, gender politics, etc., etc., etc.  All told, this sort of nonsense takes up something like 40% to 50% of their current course catalog, well on the way to overtaking content that actually deals with the development of useful skills (not to mention the real world).  Continue reading


Homeland Security Theater

I’m afraid this could become a daily update category.

The nation’s “Constitution-Free Zone” has been enlarged yet again, beyond the airports, now to include the whole of the District of Columbia as detailed in this article from the Washington Examiner.  (See also these subsequent reports here, and here.)

My take on all of this is pretty simple.  Each well-intended step down this path takes us inexorably closer to the sort of police state that we ought to fear deep down in our mortal bones.  As noted in this commentary by Gene Healy at the CATO Institute, “Like so many other homeland security schemes, the only “logic” behind this one is a mindless bureaucratic imperative. It will add to the capital’s growing security-state atmosphere without making us measurably safer.” Continue reading