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My Life In The Cheap Seats

There’s a price to paid, even for the mostly vicarious life, even one in the cheap seats; a price that is paid, as often as not, by someone else. – HT


More Than Jake: A Story Of The Heart

ARL readers will have noted the recent posting regarding the unfortunate death of my dog Jake.  Mrs. T expressed surprise that I hadn’t said any more and, I suppose, I wasn’t ready to do so at that time.  Here and now, I present a more appropriate epitaph.

Jake, more properly “Salmac’s More Than Jake“, was bred to be a first class hunting dog.  His blood lines were fairly impressive, including several dual (field and show) champions and at least one national dual champion.  As Brittanies go, he was from pretty good stock.  But, just as important to me, he was also a gift, given by a new friend and neighbor who, despite his own many flaws, understood that such generosity was a keystone to opportunity.  And, this gift, was certainly that.

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Three Kinds of People

I know that this will appear to be both overly simplistic and judgemental.  So be it.  I still believe that you can describe the state of the world today on the basis of three basic types of people.  Here they are:

  • Those who worship a God of Love
  • Those who worship a God of Hate
  • Those who worship God’s Creation(s). Continue reading

As Time Flies, The Dude Abides

ut tempus fugit, optimus vir mansurus


For each of us, time is passing by.  I’m just guessing here, but for some, not as quickly as for others.  I do remember kindergarten after all.  

Most of us try to ignore this simple truth for the bulk of our lives, but we are propelled forward nonetheless.  Maybe you’ve given up asking, “are we there yet?”  But, I haven’t.  Today, it sounds a bit more like: “So, how ought we to spend this day?”  Continue reading

Simplicity and Self-Reliance in “The Convergence Zone”

Convergence Theory – the approach toward a definite value, a definite point, a common view or opinion, or toward a fixed or equilibrium state. In mathematics, it describes limiting behavior, particularly of an infinite sequence or series.

Are we there yet?

No, but the options are getting more and more limited.  In this case, the convergence zone might be likened to a game of musical chairs, where each new event takes another chair away. Continue reading

The Value of a Job (Creating and/or Saving Them One at a Time)

When the economy gets hard, it’s natural – even healthy – to reign in spending.  It’s what many of us do and what many of us believe that our various governments should do.

Here’s the rub:  To some extent, this is one of the ways that depressions become worse than they might otherwise be.  In other words, there is some truth to the notion that the less we spend, the less we make, collectively. Continue reading

The Pie Economy

One of the most interesting lessons that we’ve learned in our move to a small town is that when you know just about everyone and they become your friends, it can become a bit fuzzy figuring out where the line between business and favor sits.  One creative solution, that must be credited to a neighbor – known by his “gang name” of “Pies”, is what – naturally enough – we refer to as the “pie economy”.

In the Pie Economy, favors are done – assuming your “credit rating” is sufficiently good, on the assumption that the good deed will be returned in kind.  As in any fringe economy, interim accounting is done in the local currency of choice, in this case “pies”.  Borrow someone’s truck, you might owe ten pies, although depending on the mood and the prowess of the negotiator, it could just as easily be 10,000 pies. 

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