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Quote of the Day

“Pride grows in the human heart like lard on a pig.”
— Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

As Time Flies, The Dude Abides

ut tempus fugit, optimus vir mansurus


For each of us, time is passing by.  I’m just guessing here, but for some, not as quickly as for others.  I do remember kindergarten after all.  

Most of us try to ignore this simple truth for the bulk of our lives, but we are propelled forward nonetheless.  Maybe you’ve given up asking, “are we there yet?”  But, I haven’t.  Today, it sounds a bit more like: “So, how ought we to spend this day?”  Continue reading

When in Rome

There’s No Such Thing As Strong Coffee….

(Only Weak People)  – “Colonel Steve”, an Air Force pilot from the “old school”.

Inspired, in part, by this article:  “Wanting is for Weaklings“, by “The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur”, check him out.  Had me laughing, which – some days – can be a very good thing.  One of his mottos “for winners”:  “There is no Plan B“.  And, that got me thinking some too.  Sometimes there is no Plan B. Continue reading

Review: Priceless: The Myth of Fair Value (and How to Take Advantage of It)

William Poundstone’s “Priceless” (2010) is an interesting and useful read for anyone who’s curious about the arcane science of behavioral decision theory.  In application, this field of study is particularly useful in addressing questions regarding the both the psychology and, thus, the frequently debated “rationality of the market” (or lack thereof). 

As a fundamental economic concept, the psychological underpinnings of market behavior remains one of the least understood and, yet, most critical factors driving the business cycle,  and more often than not, public economic policy.  Continue reading

Keynesian Economics – Still Dead at the Ripe Old Age of 74

Finally, cogent analysis of the fallacies of Keynesian-style stimulus spending intended to prop-up aggregate demand. 

In an excellent article (found here), Eric Sprott and David Franklin – of Sprott Asset Management – provide a compendium of economic findings related to the efficacy of government stimulus spending.  The conclusion:  (as if any reasonably minded Austrian couldn’t have guessed)  NET NEGATIVE IMPROVEMENT IN GDP.   

Yes, that’s right, beyond it’s marginally important role in maintaining the general  rule of law and minor “foreign contingency operations”, the Federal Government is the biggest waste of space, thought, money, and (for some of us) sleep, that might be imagined. 

More to the point, the simple fact that so many are tempted to employ the government to “rescue” or “help” anybody or anything suggests, to me, a serious moral and ethical problem, not merely an intellectual one.  Let’s face it folks, government – especially the democratic and statist varieties – is force, pure and simple.  To provide such “help”, the government must force someone to pay for it. 

I don’t know about you, but I call that theft, don’t you? 

(If not, could you split some firewood for me, you know, just to “help” me out.  If I came over an asked you while pointing my pistol in your direction, might that provide adequate inspiration to your withered charitable instincts?)

Aside from these seemingly plain and obvious moral and ethical problems, one might reasonably expect that any economy so overly burdened by rampant communal plundering would, at the end of the day, pack up it’s tent and repair to the nearest hole in the ground.  And, wonder of wonders, that’s exactly what happens.  The more you punish success, the more it retreats, runs, hides, get’s even. 

Still a believer?  May I refer you to my last post.

Harry Tuttle

Political GPS

Hello, hello.  Back again from the brink of apathy.  No, it’s not really that I don’t care.  Rather, it’s just that I have my doubts about the potential fruits of honest laboring to stem the tide of delusion that appears to have overtaken the globe. 

To wit:  The following is a response to a friend who writes to defend his Obama vote as “a non-endorsement of McCain/Palin”, yet also states, “my problem with Obama is that I think he does know what needs to be done, but doesn’t have the balls to do it.” 

This friend, it should be noted, appears to suffer the same sort of cognitive dissonance that has swept the country, even the globe, in that he can, apparently, recognize the risk of economic collapse that will almost inevitably result from Obama’s policies – buying as much gold and silver as he can afford, yet still wish for a more complete fulfillment of Obama’s vision. 

My response to him in regards to whether or not he has, in fact, rejected the modern progressive attempt to subvert our traditional form of government or is merely trading one oligarchy for another: 

Well, yes, adding to your gold and silver holdings are a sort of repudiation of most things Washington. But, also, no, since any leftward leanings are inherently inclined to Big Gov solutions. 

Continue reading