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Three Kinds of People

I know that this will appear to be both overly simplistic and judgemental.  So be it.  I still believe that you can describe the state of the world today on the basis of three basic types of people.  Here they are:

  • Those who worship a God of Love
  • Those who worship a God of Hate
  • Those who worship God’s Creation(s). Continue reading

Review: Priceless: The Myth of Fair Value (and How to Take Advantage of It)

William Poundstone’s “Priceless” (2010) is an interesting and useful read for anyone who’s curious about the arcane science of behavioral decision theory.  In application, this field of study is particularly useful in addressing questions regarding the both the psychology and, thus, the frequently debated “rationality of the market” (or lack thereof). 

As a fundamental economic concept, the psychological underpinnings of market behavior remains one of the least understood and, yet, most critical factors driving the business cycle,  and more often than not, public economic policy.  Continue reading

In The Marketplace of Ideas…..

….there is no monopoly on the truth….   

 ….money talks…..    

Well, take your pick or make up your own ending, but with free markets of all types under attack, perhaps we might consider the very real risks posed by our willingness (or lack thereof) to seek out, even to embrace, the truth in what may be the most important marketplace of all.  And, while I might generally contend that no political party or church has an absolute “monopoly on the truth”, we must, I believe, accept that some are probably more right than others.  And, it should go without saying, it is our job to figure out which those are.    

We stand today in a deluge of ideas and opinions, often disguised as facts.  We hear that Al Gore “invented” the internet, that Tea Party members are racists, that Christians hate homosexuals, that Obama is a muslim, that FDR saved us from the Great Depression.  Are any of these true?  And, if you actually cared to investigate them, how would you know, really, which were true?   

Reasonably enough, my default response is to “check the source”.  Some, it seems, are better than others.     Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Zombies, Shall We?


Over the past several years, I have been repeatedly surprised to find that something I might have imagined to be a vibrant and living thing can change suddenly – or, rather, be revealed – to be something altogether dead, despite popular opinion to the contrary.

I can think of many personal examples, beginning, perhaps, with one of the nicest and oldest apple trees in our small orchard.  It had fruited up nicely early this summer, only to fail utterly in the last week.  Another dead soldier, taken mysteriously, it would seem, in it’s prime.

I might, if I were as delusional as, say, many of our leaders appear to be, start pinning on plastic leaves and fruit to preserve the appearance of life, rather than to dig up the corpse and burn it.  Continue reading