Brass Tacks #3: She’s Just Having A Bake Sale For The KKK

The third in a series of articles intended to boil down some of the problems we’re facing to their essential, skeletal, sometimes rancid core.

Small town politics are a wonder.  They’re chock-a-block full of big things left unsaid, and, often as not, little things said too loudly.

These unsaid things are a little like rocks that people don’t dare turn over, lest they find something too disturbing or unpleasant.  That kind of knowledge can become more than a bit untenable in the otherwise pleasant intimacy of the small community.  It can become more than just a mere pebble in the shoe.

I had a little run-in the other night with just the sort of blinders that small town folks like to wear to avoid that deeply uncomfortable feeling.  Note:  You’ll know it when it happens to you because it tends to be an effective conversation stopper. 

I was informed by one good neighbor that another “good” neighbor was just now returning from lending support to the recent spate of protests in Egypt.  It turns out that this is just the most recent of five such trips, coordinated with Hamas, over the past two years along with her fellow members of Code Pink.   This “good” person is well-liked in the community, holding a number of notable volunteer and, even, elected positions.  Her left-wing politics are well-known, having been something akin to that pebble in the shoe for the more conservative members of the community.

Within the last year or so, however, her political fervor has begun to focus less on stopping America’s various wars and more on drumming up anti-Israeli sentiment, here at home and now, apparently, abroad, hand in hand with the likes of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

By way of disclosure, I am, myself, not a Jew, nor a Zionist, nor am I always sympathetic or comfortable with the manner in which Israel chooses to respond to its rather dire circumstances.  That said, you don’t, yourself, have to be a survivor of Auschwitz to have your radar go on alert whenever people begin displaying knee-jerk anti-Semitism in your presence.

Well, you might say, “it’s not a knee-jerk response if there are legitimate grounds for opposition”.  OK, I’ll grant that, for the moment, and just ignore the rather obvious and plainly dull irrationality that anti-Semitism has ALWAYS displayed prominantly.  And, let’s be truthful about this:  while Jews have not been the only victims of genocide in the world, they’ve pretty much been the most common.

What I won’t ignore, can’t really, is the insistence that Israel negotiate with and capitulate to those who plainly state their intentions to wipe them off the face of the earth.  This is irrationality writ large.  And, no, I’m sorry, but throwing denials of the holocaust into the argument don’t really help your case. 

So, here it is (the getting down to Brass Tacks):  Lending any kind of support to genocidal, theocratic nut jobs is a bit like holding bake sales for the KKK.  Work on their behalf, even in that capacity, is an unpardonable affront to decency that is no different, really, than participating in an actual KKK lynching party. 

This is true, in particular, when we’re talking about people who are smart enough to know better, yet simply choose to ignore fundamental (not to mention logical) distinctions between right and wrong.  You can sugar coat it, sweetie, but you can’t hide it.  Presumed cloaks of decency, like heading up the Rotary Club, fit rather poorly over that klan hood, be it white or pink.

Now, I can tolerate – even enjoy – all sorts of political discourse….more than most really.  I don’t have the least bit of concern, for instance, over differences of opinion regarding the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.  Those sorts of debates ought to be vigorous.  And, I can truly sympathize with opposition to America’s support of various despots around the world, even if I tend to worry a bit more about the unintended consequences of so-called “regime change”. 

What I can’t tolerate (and should not, I believe) is the rabid, often puerile, quest for “peace and social justice” by means of intolerance, thuggery, theft, and violence…not to mention outright genocide.   What worries me more, however, is the sort of blinders that are necessary for “good” communities to pretend that such evil isn’t staring them in the face.

For what it’s worth, I had pretty much the same reaction on a visit to Germany to all of the nice family homes packed outside of the Dachau concentration camp as I have to the above photograph.  What sort of degenerative thinking (not to mention spirit) is necessary to offer a smile to that camera?  The same sort, I believe, that was necessary to blithely wipe the accumulated dust of cremated Jews off the table before sitting down to dinner.

In some communities, like mine, this is happening now before our very eyes.  Don’t think that we won’t be held accountable for our response, or lack thereof.  

Harry Tuttle  

PS – I could offer many, many more examples, but this article should give any so-called “woman for peace” some concern before forming alliances with these sorts of lunatics.  Yes, I know this article pertains to the theocratic evils of Iran…still, this is useful demonstration of just how true to form these good revolutionaries are to their own people.  So, even if you can (somehow) choose to ignore the Islamo-facist’s universal desire for the elimination of the Jewish race, you might just decide to pay attention to the fact that the destruction of Israel is merely one step on their path to the revived Mulslim Caliphate where the subjugation of everybody else, and especially women, is the real end goal.  I mean, puh-leeze, this shouldn’t be that hard to figure out. 


4 responses to “Brass Tacks #3: She’s Just Having A Bake Sale For The KKK

  1. You are confusing Anti Semitism with genuine outrage at the treatment of Palestinians by Israel.

    Be aware that there are even Jews who are disgusted by the Israeli Government.

    • No, sorry, I don’t think so. Any non-anti-semitic observer would note that Israel has generally (and as well as can be expected) shown remarkable restraint in the face of unreasonable, unreasoning, irrational, genocidal animosity, rooted in the longest-lasting blood feuds in history. And, for the record, (as I plainly stated in the original post), you don’t have to approve of every Israeli act (or be a Jew) to see the disproportionate insanity propagated by anti-semitic hatred in this feud.

      Oh, be aware there are even Palestinians living in Israel that don’t want their brethren to “win” this particular war. Unfortunately, they’re not a significant enough majority to matter.

      More to the point, the multitude of reasons that a peaceful solution to the conflict is virtually impossible was revealed in a recent poll of Palestinians (

      I’m sorry, but there really is such a thing as irrational, as stupid, as unreasonable, and, well, as evil. You simply can’t argue with stupid.

      Over 60 percent reject “two states for two peoples.”

      A one-state Palestinian solution is favored by a majority.

      Two-thirds believe the real goal should be to move to a single Palestinian state.

      Seventy-two percent think it is right to deny a Jewish presence going back thousands of years in Jerusalem.

      Sixty-two percent favor kidnapping Israeli soldiers and holding them hostage.

      Sixty-one percent approve naming streets after a suicide bomber.

      Fifty-three percent favor teaching songs and chants to schoolchildren that talk about hating Jews.

      Only a plurality thinks the Itamar killings were wrong; 29 percent think they were right.

      Ninety-two percent think Jerusalem should be the capital of Palestine; only 3 percent favor a joint capital.

      (Note: I’m just guessing here, but, it would seem likely that the poll didn’t ask them about the holocaust.)

  2. I’m not against jewish people, in fact i have many friends that are jewish, but just wondering, isn’t Israel taking Palestine land by developing it right now as we speak? also saying that Palestine people dont matter…is that not also racism?

    • Hey Andrew:

      All “occupied” territories were taken in course of defending themselves from invading forces. So long as hostilities continue, Israel has no legal or moral obligation to return them. Note they did return the Sinai Peninsula after signing their treaty with Egypt…a treaty that Egypt is increasingly likely to abuse. Frankly, they’d be crazy to engage in any further trading of land for peace. Those who continue to threaten there existance don’t appear to care about land so much as destroying Israel.

      I really can’t imagine what you’re talking about in suggeting that I indicated “that Palestine people don’t matter”…I never said such a thing. I did note (in a comment response)that militant Palestinians don’t seem to care that there are quite a few peaceful and happy Palestinian citizens of Israel who strongly oppose the political and military aspirations of their “brethren”. But, I might as well take this opportunity to clarify this notion, however, by also adding that self-identified Arabs (mostly Palestinians) number more than 1.5 million persons and represent roughly 20% of Israel’s population. According to the 2010 Brookins Institute survey of this population, an overwhelming majority of Israeli Arabs oppose the transfer of the occupied territories to a newly created Palestinian state. Might you stop to wonder why they’d prefer to stay in Israel? – HT

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